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What does the Academy team do?

The Academy Department is comprised of 3 teams:


EdOptions Academy

Runs the day to day operations of EdOptions Academy. Team comprises of Virtual Program Managers, Implementation Specialists, Enrollment Specialists, Regional Directors, Instructional Services Managers, and EOA Instructors

Professional Learning Team

Provides teacher assistive services: Grading Services and Virtual Teacher Mentoring.


Instructional Services

Manages Student Success Coaches and the following services that can be purchased with or without EOA: Foundational Skills Instruction (FSI), Targeted Small-Group Instruction (TSI), FEV Tutor, Virtual Teachers

When does Support interact with Academy?

Support interacts with our educational teams often! Sometimes EOA teachers will reach out to us with product questions or to report a content or platform issue. Other times a school that has purchased EdOptions Academy or an educational service will reach out to us regarding related issues – this is often something we will forward to the Virtual Program Management (VPM) Team.

Some examples of things Support redirects to VPMs:

  • Assigning Teachers to Sections

  • Course Drops and Extensions

  • Meeting with District to understand/align school needs and assist with student registration

Breakdown of Academy Owned Items

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Example work flow

Academy issue
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