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Calvert Digital vs Calvert + EOA

What's the difference between Calvert Digital vs Calvert used with EdOptions Academy?

Calvert Digital is an a la carte purchase of Calvert, in which the school manages, implements, and teaches Calvert courses on their own.​In other words, customers who purchase Calvert Digital are only purchasing the LMS product without any additional service.

Customers who purchase EdOptions Academy for their school/district are purchasing a service that utilizes Calvert, Courseware, and Exact Path products. Customers who use Calvert with EOA have the Edmentum Academy team manage the setup of and instruction of Calvert courses.


It's important to remember this when thinking about issue owners and processes! Although most processes and functions will be the same regardless of whether a customer is Calvert Digital vs Calvert + EOA, some things around the setup and management of classes and enrollments may differ.  

Calvert Digital 

Calvert Provisioning

Edmentum team who assists with initial setup of Calvert/Genius for customer

Affiliation Role / Admin Role

School user who manages Calvert/Genius account ongoingly

Teacher Role / Instructor Role

School instructor who manages and teaches individual Calvert Sections

Calvert + EdOptions Academy 

Accountability & Compliance

Edmentum team who manages initial setup and assists ongoingly with Calvert/Genius account

Site Coordinator Role / Admin Role

School user who manages some items within Genius/Calvert around enrollments & approvals

Teacher Role / Instructor Role

Edmentum instructor who manages and teaches individual Calvert Sections

Misc Information

3rd Party eBooks

Third party material that involves eBooks with Calvert:​


MGH (McGraw Hill) = Social Studies


Savvas / Pearson = English Language Arts (ELA)


 HMH (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt) = Science 

Hard Copy Book Orders

If a parent or educator reaches out to us to check on the status of an existing print order, Customer Support would email  to ask for an update on behalf of the customer.

Calvert Activity Materials

  • Edmentum does not currently supply materials for Calvert hands-on activities (2.15.2022). We are looking into this in the future, but otherwise this is on the school/home to provide activity materials.

  • For math, if it's manipulatives, we do have printable versions of the things within each course. (They are linked in the Getting Started lesson and again throughout the lesson parts where they are used.) 

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