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Customer Success

What teams fall under Customer Success?

Customer Success is a larger umbrella that encompasses several departments that play a vital role in the customer being able to successfully use and implement our programs within their schools.

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What does the Customer Success team do?

Each department within Customer Success assists our customers in different ways. On this page, we will focus on how Program Management and Consulting Services assist customers.

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When does Support interact with Program Management & Consulting Services?

Customer Support most commonly interacts with Program Managers and Educational Consultants when these teams are assisting customers and reaching out to Support on the customer's behalf.


Whenever we see that a Program Manager, Education Consultant (EC), or Education Solution Specialist (ESS) has reached out to Support on behalf of a customer, we always want to cc them on case communications and keep them updated on resolutions. They are often very hands on with the accounts they manage services for and will often be the ones walking the customer through troubleshooting for any issue that comes up.

It’s important to understand who are the teams providing assistance to our customers (beyond the Customer Support team) so we can be mindful of including them on communication as well as taking advantage of opportunities in which we can collaborate together on determining solutions to any issue the customer may be experiencing. Education Consultants (EC) and Education Solution Specialists (ESS) own accounts similarly to the way Sales does, except they own the account on the services side.

Which Accounts Have Services?. . .

NOTE: For any customer inquiry regarding services, always refer them to their Account Owner and/or Customer Success Partner for further guidance and move the case to the 'Sales Support Queue'.

Customer Support reps do not assist with or speak on services offerings with customers.

In order to add most services, an account must meet or exceed a purchase threshold deeming them a Tier 3, 2, or 1 account 

(you can find this information listed on the school or district's account page within Salesforce under Details > Account Tier).

Tier 4 accounts fall within the 'self-service' category (meaning they rely on Getting Started pages, in-app Help Centers, Webinars, Sales Partners, and Customer Support for any guidance).

Implementation Coaching

The only service that can be applied to any account (including tier 4), regardless of what purchase threshold they meet

Implementation Coaching has more of a Self-Service model, in which the customer has access to an onboarding resource site and has the ability to sign up for several 1:1 sessions with a Part-Time Education Consultant (PTEC). Focus is more on how to implement blended-learning programs within the School and how to apply best practices around the teaching of and evaluation of data within our programs. This service only applies to Courseware and Exact Path customers.

For more information on Implementation Coaching, check out the Implementation Coaching Brochure!

Onboarding Packages

Can only be added to accounts that qualify as Tier 3, 2, or 1

Hands-on interactive virtual or in-person sessions, in which the account’s Customer Success Partner assists with the school’s setup for each Edmentum product as well as providing advice on how to integrate Edmentum products into the school’s current instructional practices.

For more information on Onboarding Packages & Services, check out these documents:

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