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What does the Development team do?

Development is responsible for developing & managing the LMS platforms that house educational content.

When does Support interact with Development?

  • When there is a platform issue that has not been resolved by troubleshooting steps & support has an example or can replicate the issue on our end.

  • Some examples of platform issues include…

    • Action buttons within the program being unresponsive

    • Certain areas of the program appear ‘blank’ or throw an error message when trying to navigate to it

    • Updates not appearing within the system, such as with enrollments, grading queues, or account settings

Only Technical Support Specialists directly interact with Development (also referred to as “DEV” internally). If you encounter and verify a platform issue, please escalate the case to Tech Specialists. For escalation templates, click HERE.

Whenever there is a platform “bug”, Technical Support Specialists document this in TFS and follow up with the appropriate product-specific DEV team. 

Breakdown of Development Owned Issues

Dev process.png

Example work flow

platform issue workflow (a).png
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