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Calvert SSO & Rostering Integration

Wed 6/30/2021

Hello Support Team!

We wanted to inform you ahead of time of a new integration feature that is currently in development and about to be released for ONLY the following Pilot Schools:

District Name SSO

Manteca (CA) Clever

CA097 - Gilroy Unified SD (Calvert Digital) Clever

CA094 - Central Unified (Calvert/Semesters) Clever

Santa Clara (CA) Clever

San Bernadino (CA) Classlink

Kalamazoo Public Schools Clever

Anchorage School District Clever

The Tech Services team & Calvert Product Team have been working on an integration “patch” so to speak (ESDS), that will allow for schools to use SSO and rostering integration with Calvert. This feature is ONLY going to be available and ready for customers who do NOT use teaching services and are NOT EOA. If an EOA customer calls in asking about using integration with Calvert, we need to redirect them to their Account Owner / Customer Success Partner as listed within salesforce. As a curtesy, we should email the Account Owner / Customer Success Partner separately with the following.

“Support recently received an inquiry from [Name of Contact] with [Name of School Account] regarding integration (SSO/rostering) with Calvert. At this time, we have been informed that this feature is not available for any EOA or Teaching Services customers. All customers using EOA and Teaching Services will still need to utilize the Genius SIS platform. Please make sure to reach out to this customer and provide any clarity they need regarding this feature.

If you have any additional questions regarding integration for Calvert, please reach out to your manager or appropriate departmental contact.”


As more is released regarding this new feature, we will send out updates! Please do not hesitate to reach out to myself, your managers, or Specialists regarding this feature.

For more info on this release, visit the Calvert Release Page in Playbook and go to “Integrations – SSO and Rostering”.

For New Support Reps:

How can I tell whether a customer is EOA or uses Teaching Services?

In Genius –

Look up the school under the Affiliations tab. If the affiliation has “EOA” listed next to “Calvert Organization Type”, then they are an EOA Customer.

In Salesforce –

You can view all active account assets by going to the Account’s page and selecting the drop down to the right of “All Outcomes” in the top right corner.

For info on what our EOA product offerings are, see HERE.

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