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(RECAP) Reading Eggs Rollover


Hello Support Team!

In our team meeting yesterday we briefly discussed some considerations around Reading Eggs Rollover for starting the new school year. We wanted to send you all a recap in writing for you to have for future reference if needed.

What is Reading Eggs “Rollover”?

“Rollover” refers to the process within Reading Eggs of advancing all students to the next grade level and setting up enrollments for the start of the school year. The program has a way for school Subscription Coordinators to upload a CSV file of the student roster to automate advancing grade levels.

Some schools/districts may want to use the 'export student list' CSV to automatically enroll their Reading Eggs students and create classes. However, the form that downloads from Reading Eggs does NOT include teacher emails which are required for setting up classes with this method. If they want classes to be automatically setup via the CSV upload in rollover, the Subscription Coordinator will have to add teacher emails to the spreadsheet before uploading it.

What You Should Know (in Case the Customer Reaches Out):

Steps for Tier I: Customer Support Specialists, Customer Support Leads

  • Tier I will only provide basic information to customers, you will not provide 1-on-1 guidance.

  • If the customer wants additional guidance or has extensive questions, escalate the case to Technical Specialists.

Below are scenarios and links to the KAs you should send for each scenario:

  • If a customer reaches out with general questions about how to complete a Reading Eggs Rollover, send them this Salesforce Knowledge Article (KA):

  • If a customer who uses BOTH Reading Eggs and Mathseeds has general questions about how to complete the Rollover process, send them the above KA as well as this KA: Mathseeds - Manage Rollover

Steps for Tier II: Technical Support Specialists

  • Should customers have extensive questions or want 1-on-1 guidance with the rollover process, this will be handled by Technical Specialists. For Subscription Coordinators who are not Excel-savvy, you will want to collaborate with them on what the best solution will be for their specific setup. If you are not as familiar with excel formulas, please see the video and PDF guide within this KA:

  • NOTE: Reading Eggs Rollover has to be done BEFORE Mathseeds Rollover, for accounts that have both

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me, tech specialists, or your manager 🙂.


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