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What does the Sales team do?

The Sales team positions our products to customers & handles all new sales & renewals.

When does Support interact with Sales?

  • Whenever there are customer questions regarding anything related to purchases & subscriptions.

  • Some examples include questions about…

    • Purchase Orders & Billing

    • Renewals or New Purchases

    • Interest in other products

    • Account deactivations (this is usually due to nonpayment or their contract ending)

How do I know who the Sales representative for an account is?

​The assigned sales representative will always be listed as the “Account Owner” in Salesforce. They also work in tandem with the “Customer Success Partner”.

Most sales related cases can simply be moved over to the Sales Support Queue in order to have sales address the customer's need.

sales reps.png

Breakdown of Sales Owned Items

sales process.png

Example work flow

sales issue workflow.png
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