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Tech Services

What does the Tech Services team do?

Technical Services delivers pre- & post-sale technical services sessions assisting customers in the implementation of integrations (SSO, API, LTI, etc).

When does Support interact with Tech Services?

While Technical Support Specialists (Tier II) often assist with the maintenance of integrations and resolution of integration-related issues, Technical Services...

  • Handles the initial setup of any product integration

  • Assists with more complex integration issues that are beyond the scope of Customer Support

  • The Enrollment Services team (sub-team of TS) handles the management of NON-eoa Calvert Customers


Only Technical Support Specialists (Tier II) directly interacts with the Technical Services team.

Breakdown of Tech Services Owned Issues

TechServices process.png
TechServices process.png

Example work flows

calvert digital issue workflow.png

*For Calvert Digital Form links (for NON-eoa customers), click HERE.

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